Our Commitment to Ocean Conservation

Did you know that at least 14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year? (Source: IUCN, 2021) This is a shocking figure and it shows the need for protecting marine ecosystems.

What Are We Doing to Help?

At RISE Swimsuits we have designed a collection of swimsuits made from recycled polyester, which is sourced from ocean plastics. And as much as we love how our swimsuits help the environment we've also prioritized design, comfort, and quality to provide a fantastic experience for all swimmers, and users

We've noticed that a lot of people think sustainable products are expensive. So, we’ve worked very hard to come up with an affordable, high-quality swimsuit, that adapts to most people’s budget. By offering accessible options without compromising on quality or style, we're making it easier for swimmers to make eco-conscious choices. With approximately 5 swimsuits per year per swimmer, the impact of choosing sustainability can be immense.

Making a Real Difference, One Swimsuit at a Time

With every purchase, you're not just getting a stylish and functional swimsuit, you're also contributing to ocean conservation. Each swimsuit is crafted from a specific number of recycled plastic bottles, reducing plastic waste and helping to preserve our marine environments.

  • Men’s Brief Swimsuit: Made from 5 Plastic Bottles
  • Men’s Jammer: Made from 14 Plastic Bottles
  • Women’s Classic Swimsuit: Made from 14 Plastic Bottles
  • Women’s X-Trappy: Made from 14 Plastic Bottles
  • Women’s Infinite Tie: Made from 14 Plastic Bottles
  • Rashguards: Made from 20 Plastic Bottles
  • Sun Fun Longsleeve: Made from 22 Plastic Bottles

Imagine the impact if every swimmer chose a sustainable swimsuit! It's a small change that can lead to significant positive outcomes for our oceans.

Going Beyond the Swimsuit: Planting Seeds of Change

But our commitment doesn't end there. Each swimsuit purchase includes a plantable tag, symbolizing our dedication to giving back to the Earth. As part of the production sector, we recognize our responsibility to contribute positively to the environment, and these plantable tags represent a small but meaningful step in that direction.

Shop Responsibly, Swim Consciously

We invite you to not only shop consciously but also use your swimsuits responsibly. Extend the life of your swimsuit by wearing it until it's truly worn out, or pass it on to a family member or friend. As swimmers ourselves, we understand the value of a durable and reliable swimsuit, and we encourage you to make the most of yours.